The pool maintenance begins with the precautionary cover of the pool so that foreign objects do not even in large quantities in the water of the swimming pool! What measures need to be taken in addition, can be found here on!

Pool care: How does the water treatment and how can they be supported?

The pool maintenance or its water treatment takes place partly mechanical and partly chemical. The skimmer sucks the used water and pumps it to the filter system. The most common variety in the private sector are sand filter: The water is passed through one or more quartz sand layers, where dirt particles stick to the fine grains of sand. The cleaned water then passes through inlet nozzles back into the pool. Usually chlorine – – In addition, chemical agents for disinfecting the pool maintenance are put into the water.

You can support this process by listening on the one hand to cover the unused pools and on the other hand in a hygienic preventive measures, for example by abduschen in front of the swimming short and pets away from the water. The pool cover prevents the ingress of dirt particles. In addition, it reduces the disinfectant consumption because less water – and therefore less chemical – evaporates.

Clean water in the pool: more care and cleaning measures

Especially the water top is a popular place for lime and algae. The walls must therefore be frequently cleaned manually or with semi or fully automated tools at this point. The important thing is: Do not use detergent or other conventional cleaning products, but only specifically for pool maintenance suitable means! Otherwise, the substance of the swimming pool liner can be attacked and damaged.

Impurities which are not recognizable at first glance, are changes in pH. This should always be 7.0 to 7.4 are (ie be neutral), so that the water does not harm the health or the technical equipment in the pool. With manual testing kits or practical instruments that can always be independently verified.


The pool maintenance plays an important role in obtaining safe water in the swimming pool! Part of the cleaning take over technical equipment such as skimmers and filters, another part accept chemical agents such as chlorine. However, the coverage of the pool and a regular cleaning of the floor and the walls are necessary to prevent health risks in the long run!